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The Tema Chamber of Commerce has held its 3rd Bi Monthly Meeting to discuss the re-introduction of the Cargo Tracking Notes (CTN) and ways to surmount challenges confronting the modern entrepreneur.
The Tema Chamber of Commerce uses its Bi-Monthly Meetings to address challenges, its members face in their operations. This time, issues discussed included the Cargo Tracking Notes which some shippers have kicked against its implementation.

The Technical Advisor to the Commissioner of Customs, Christian Sottie explained that the Cargo Tracking Notes is an instrument that will facilitate trade in the industry.
“All we want is to make things easy when clearing your goods from the Port. We want have an idea of your goods so that within 2 hours your goods are cleared from the Port,” he said.
Professor John Bright Aheto, a seasoned entrepreneur emphasized on the importance for the chamber to set up a special consultancy wing for members at a low or no charge at all.

He disclosed that an entrepreneur does not need a colossal amount to begin a business but rather focus on how to put on a good business plan to help develop it.
“You cannot take your pension money and gamble it away on a business idea that you are not sure about. A business that you do not highly understand and have not researched to actually discuss it and know that this is a viable idea,” he said.
He advised entrepreneurs to be open for criticisms as this could aid in realizing their business dreams.


The Fire and Safety department of the Port of Tema has Organised a training session to educate fire officers on how to use an ultra-modern firefighting kit called PSS 7000 Breathing Apparatus set.
The Area Manager for Drager South Africa, a company which supplies and distributes breathalyzers, Charl Gammelin took participants through the operations of the PSS 7000 Breathing Apparatus set.
He said with a push of a single button a fire officer or the whole fire team can be evacuated to safety. 

The Fire and Safety Manager of Tema Port, Jimmy Nab Daisy expressed appreciation to the management of the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority for introducing such an initiative to ensure the safety of the marine fire fighters.
“If in the course of firefighting, the whole structure is giving way and maybe you will be killed, your supreme commander or your duty officer needs to just apply a nob and you are already informed you just need to acknowledge that you have heard the information and all of the firemen that have been deployed to the fire scene will run off to safety. So this is a serious interface that has been added,” he said.

He was optimistic that the equipment will go a long way to motivate officers to give of their best in the discharge of their duties.
Jimmy Nab-Daisie entreated fire officers to maintain the equipment well, in order to enjoy the efficiency of the equipment.


The Centre for Maritime Regulation Law and Security has held its maiden Maritime Regulation and Enforcement Training for security personnel in the Port and maritime industry.
The 5day program covered issues on the overview of the law of the sea, safety and security, legal framework for marine pollution, legal framework for fisheries and other related issues.

The Director-General of the Ghana Maritime Authority (GMA), Kwame Owusu said in executing its mandate for safety and security, the Ghana Maritime Authority has deployed a number of monitoring surveillance tools such vessel traffic monitoring information system.  
“This is important because we must move beyond the era of undertaking our monitoring and enforcement mandate from our offices to being on the water making sure that vessels comply with regulations of GMA which are set in accordance with international conventions and instruments of the International Maritime Organisation,” he expressed.

The Executive Director of the Centre for Maritime Law and Security Africa, Dr. Kamal Deen said the training programme aims to enhance the capacity of institutions which deal with maritime issues, create synergy among stakeholders and promote corporation in maritime issues.
“We find this as a major contribution to maritime activities, as a coastal state it is important that we keep our stewardship. So looking forward we are happy to collaborate with other stakeholders in delivering this course and enhancing the capacity of our institution,” he said.


The vigilance of Tema Port security personnel has led to the arrest of a 28-year-old Ghanaian who attempted to stowaway to the United States of America.
In an attempt to travel illegally, the culprit, Selassie Jordan, who hails from Effiekuma, a suburb of Takoradi in the Western Region, attempted boarding a Cameroonian vessel, MV Yaris.
It is reported that Jordan thought the vessel was sailing to the US where he could find greener pastures.

Narrating the incident, the port security manager Lieutenant Connell Joseph Punamane, said the victim was seen loitering around in the port and was cautioned, however, after some hours he was seen climbing into a Vessel going to Cameroon. The port security manager revealed that Jordan Selassie who is now in the custody of the Port Security will be handed over to the police.
 “When he joined the vessel he was apprehended and we will process him and hand him over to the police and immigration so that they send him to court,” averred.

He warned that, due to previous incidents, Tema Port has improved upon its security systems and will continue to partner with other security agencies to help fight against stowaway in the Port.
“We are warning those who intend to stowaway that, Tema port is a no go area for stowaways. We are warning because no matter what you do, we will get you. We have improved our systems, our CCTV cameras are working and we are even working hard to partner with other security people who can help us do thorough rummaging in the vessels,” he cautioned.

He further advised individuals with the vision to travel outside the country to stick to the legal means of travelling in order not to get their lives endangered.
The latest arrest brings to 18 the number of stowaways arrested at the Tema Port since the beginning of the year.


The Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, Carlos Kingsley Ahenkora has urged Ghanaians to reorient their focus on the use of made in Ghana product to help the economy to thrive.

He said for Ghana to survive from its economic crisis there will be the need to increase export and Ghanaians patronizing products made in Ghana to help attain surplus balance of payment.
He made this known in a one-day exhibition organized by the Ghana Free Zones Authority.

The free zones concept has been the main key component of the country`s effort to create jobs and boost technological skills of local manufacturers.
Companies under the free zones program showcased goods and services ranging from agro-processing and manufactured end products from Ghanaian companies.

The Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, Carlos Kingsley Ahenkora advised Ghanaians to reorient their focus on the use of made in Ghana products to help the economy to thrive.
He said for Ghana to survive from its economic crisis, there will be the need to increase export.

“Our concentration on the export market is based on the fact that if we refuse to export more out of the country our balance of payment becomes problematic. Currently, we are still existing or sitting in deficits and it will be the joy of the government of Ghana to see that we have surpluses in our balance of payment. That is only possible if people of Ghana decide to wear and eat what we produce in Ghana,” he noted.

The Deputy Executive Secretary of the Free Zones Authority, Kate Abbeo said her outfit is excited about the Continental Free Trade Agreement since it would open a lot of market opportunities for companies under the free zones program.

“We are excited about the agreement and we hope the licensed free zone enterprises will make the maximum of this opportunity to expand their frontiers and market to the whole of Africa,” she stated.

The Acting Managing Director of GN Electronic, Worlali Kwabla Amevor who is one of the exhibitors said they are collaborating with institutions to train more young people to help create innovation and employment.

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