In a related development, the Inspector General of Police, James Oppong Boanuh, has also issued new directives that intend to check unprofessional police misconduct in the country.
Police officers have been ordered to dissociate themselves from all forms of harassment on Ghanaian roads, which is good news for the Ghanaian transit trade which has been saddled by police harassment on transit truck drivers who ply the Ghanaian transit corridor.
And although several efforts have been initially put in place by the joint cooperation of the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority, the Ghana Shippers Authority and Borderless Alliance to eliminate the practice, the phenomenon it is reported to persist.
The President of the Ghana Institute of Freight forwarders, Kwabena Ofosu Appiah said the new directive to check police indiscipline is admirable but feared that, like many other past interventions it’s impact would dissipate over time.
He called for a robust mechanism to ensure that enforceability of such directives lead to the desired results.
“Overtime what level of introspection has been done. What mechanism is in place for constant evaluation otherwise it will be like other directives that we heightened and fizzles out over time,” he stated.

10/23/2019 10:49:37 Am
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