Fishing Harbour


Our mission is to provide facilities for the efficient handling of fishing vessels and a hygienic environment for the processing of fish.


Our Vision is to be the preferred fishing port and an attractive investment destination for fishing and fish product companies around the world.


The Fishing Harbour comprises the Inner Fishing Harbour, the Outer Fishing Harbour and the Canoe Basin as detailed below:

Inner Fishing Harbour Facilities:

  • Mooring facility of total quay length of 467metres ( caters for 8 vessels of 54metres lenght overall)
  • Finger Jetty approximately 60metres long
  • Lay-by jetty of 155 metres 
  • Net-mending/Lay by wharf of 100 metres
  • Protective water area of approx. 10.0 hectares
  • Depth ranges between 3.5- 4.0 metres (Chart Datum)
  • Entrance is 63 metres wide

Outer Fishing Harbour Facilities:

  • Total Quay length of 486 metres 
  • Capacity to accommodate Tuna vessels and Deep Sea Fish carriers.
  • Depth ranges of 5.0 - 7.0 metres (Chart Datum)
  • Lay-by mooring wharf opposite the main quay
  • Protective water area of approx. 12.5 hectares
  • Entrance is 122 metres wide
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