Navigation Information, Takoradi Port


Takoradi Port is 228km west of Accra at latitude 4°53’N, 1° 45’W


Advance notice of 72 hours is required, prior to estimate time of arrival (ETA), one (1) hour prior notice is required of ships to prepare their engines before berth.


Vessels can anchor anywhere NE of the lee breakwater head> Depth is mostly over 15M with good holding ground. A wreck with depth of 8.5m is in position approximately 04 degrees 53.3N 001 43.0W. A patch of about 14m ia positioned approximately 04 degrees 53.7N 001 42.5W.


The port has three (3) tug boats and two must always be in attendance for berthing, sailing and shifting. The tugs are fitted with monitors for firefighting.
Tugs reaches up to 1,250 hp, available on special application. Two tugs of 1,860kw with about 40 tones bollard pull available.


Approach to entrance is free from hazards apart from the reef south of the main breakwater and wrecks noted on the Admiralty chart NO. 3102. Channel depth at entrance is about 11.5m.


The signal station may be contacted 24hrs through VHF on channels 14 (port working channel) and 16 (international). On the average, vessels can be reached between 30-40 nautical miles away from the port (3hrs away from anchorage). During the harmattan seasons, signals can be heard as far as Abidjan, Togo and Nigeria. The port of Takoradi is linked to the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS)..


Two rainy season occur within a year; April to July and September to mid-November. Prevailing winds from SW except on harmattan when NE wind dominates.


It has a semi-diurnal with a range of about 1 meter.

Berthing Facilities

2 153 9.0
3 153 9.0
4 183 9.0
5 & 6 225 10.0
Manganese 157 8.6
Bauxite 70 9.3
Oil 120 8.4
1 195 10.3
3 200 11.0
6 174 8.4
7 150 7.0
9 92 5.5
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