Port Tariffs

The Customers Guide To Port Tariffs provides a summary of the port charges for different types of import cargo. Please note that there are multiple agencies involved in the clearance process.
Thus you would require respective costs from the various agencies before you import.





Shipping Line

  • Owners or agents of vessels that transport cargo on board ships.

Port charges

Port Authourity

  • The organization that provides facilities, infrastructure and services for the following:
  • Vessel handling- receiving and berthing of ships
  • Stevedoring- loading and offloading cargo from ships
  • Shore handling- receipt storage and delivery services.
  • Conservancy- security and safety support amongst others

Customs duty

Ghana Revenue Authourity ( Customs)

  • The government organization that determines the tax or duties payable to government

Freight forwarding charges

Forwarder or Clearing Agent

  • Arrange sea freight and land transport
  • Assist with customs clearance
  • Assist with processing documentation and liaising between different regulatory agencies.

For details on the port charges comprising Port Dues, Stevedoring, Shorehandling, Rent and Storage please click on the link below:

Customers Guide To Tema Port Tariffs


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