Nov 17, 2021

The Corporate IT Manager at the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority, Francis Donkoh has disclosed that the Authority has introduced an e-payment portal to enable clients transact business with the Authority more conveniently in a secure way.

According to him, Clients can access the portal by logging on to the Port Authority’s website, where they can pay for all terminal handling charges either via Visa, Mastercard and even mobile money.

Speaking on Eye on Port, Mr. Donkoh said aside being able to pay from one’s home or office, transactions via this method are not restricted to the working hours of GPHA’s offices.

He revealed that, “when you key in your card details, it is encrypted. No one can see it. We also do what we call, two-factor authentication, which means payment on the platform will not be complete unless you get an alert on your phone and you authorize that. Meaning if someone gets hold of your card, without your consent, he or she cannot complete any payment.”

He said doing business electronically, saves time and money, eliminates the risk of carrying physical cash, and is COVID-19 compliant.

The Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority, he stated has also rolled out a mobile app which can be accessed on the google play store for android phones, and app store for iPhones.

The Corporate IT Manager said the app comes with four main functions which include invoice validation, agent status check, vessel tracker and invoice calculator.

He explained that this intervention solves the problem of fake invoices produced by some unscrupulous individuals to defraud clients of the port. Mr. Donkoh assured that, “with this mobile app, with the invoice number you will know exactly what GPHA is charging you.”

He said the GPHA Mobile App also provides relevant local port and maritime news and activities from the flagship Eye on Port program.