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The Tema Port Security has in its custody a 21year old Moroccan stowaway, Abdul Hadi, who was hiding on board the vessel MV Lanidie in search of free passage to Europe.
According to the Tema Port Security Manager, Joseph Punamane, the Port Security was contacted by the ship’s crew, to assist in disembarking the stowaway, after finding him on their vessel.
He revealed that, the young Moroccan man, who sneaked into the vessel from Safi Port in Morocco was of the perception that the vessel was Spain-bound, where he intended to travel to for greener pastures.
“He is 21years and joined the vessel at a port from Morocco. So together with the immigration and the police, we had to visit to disembark him and find a way of sending him back to his country,” the Port Security Manager said.
The stowaway, according to the crewmen surrendered himself 10 days after he reached unbearable hunger.
“No matter what food you carry, the weather is not friendly when you are going to Europe, the winter will give you up and you will own up and they will bring you back,” Col Joseph Punamane
Lt. Col. Joseph Punamane, revealed that, his outfit is collaborating with the Ghana Police and the Immigration Service to get into contact with the Moroccan government to arrange for his shipment to Morocco.
The Port Security Manager advised the public to refrain from stowaway activities as they are very unsafe and futile.
“It’s a wasted effort to attempt to stowaway, so to my brothers and sisters here they should disabuse their mind of that because they can never succeed stowing away. Because even when you go, they will get you and bring you back, CCTV cameras everywhere so you cannot hide and there are dogs rummaging so it’s difficult,” he warned.
The Immigration Officer in charge of Tema Port, Chief Superintendent Kwame Fosu added his voice for young persons to desist from stowaways.
“When you go and you get even to your final destination, they will bring you back. When they bring you back, because you didn’t use proper procedure, you used illegal means, the law will wait for you and punish you. Sometimes if you are not lucky, the law will jail you even two years so it is not advisable stowing from a country.”


The Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA) has donated about 10,000 Mathematics books to 95 schools across the country to encourage students to develop the passion for the core subject as part of their corporate social responsibility.
The goal of the initiative is to ensure that every secondary school student have access to a Mathematics book which should easily be available in their library.
The Director-General of GPHA, Michael Luguje said the gesture is part of plans to help improve studying mathematics in secondary schools across the country. He said the inability of some students to develop themselves in mathematics has contributed largely to the mass failure of the subject as they usually face trauma in the study of the subject.
“It is a privilege for us as Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority to be associated with this textbook which is meant to contribute towards the teaching and learning of Mathematics at the Senior High School level. We’ve all gone through secondary education and mathematics unfortunately for a lot of us has never been a popular subject, for which reason if there is any initiative to support the teaching and learning of mathematics, every responsible corporate citizen must support it,” Michael Luguje said.
On his part, the Minister of education, Mathew Opoku Prempeh while expressing profound gratitude to the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority admonished the students to be upbeat about the study of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) as government is planning to heavily invest in that regard. In view of this, Opoku Prempeh disclosed government is building 10 STEM centres nationwide where students will have the luxury to study.
The education minister reiterated that as part the package for the STEM project, the ministry of education will offer special support for weak students by procuring past West African Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) questions and employ chief examiners to take such students through the subjects.
“Government has made money available, Ghc55 million to support teaching and learning and revision and it’s going to be split into buying things like these revision books for everybody. Teachers are going to have their support to do extra tutorials for especially the weak students in the school and also the students are going to be motivated by provision of their own textbooks and other revision past test that are going to be supplied as well with time, so that you don’t have an excuse as a student to fail,” the Education Minister disclosed.
Two headmasters of the beneficiary schools, Keta Business College, Etse Seake-Kwawu and Jonathan Delase Agbley of Peki Senior High School both expressed gratitude to the GPHA for the good gesture and pledged to put the books to good use.
“Mathematics is a challenge to 30% of all students in Ghana over the years and therefore if at this time GPHA has found it necessary to complement government’s efforts by tackling mathematics for that matter science and technology because Maths forms the basis of science and technology, I think this will go a very long way to affect generations which are yet to be born,” Etse Seake-Kwawu of Keta Business College said.
The beneficiary schools from the Volta, Central, Brong Ahafo, Greater Accra and Ashanti regions include Tema Senior High School, Kinbu Senior High School, Gomoa Senior High School, West Africa Senior High School and Nungua Senior High School among others.


The President, Nana Addo Danka Akufo-Addo has appointed Sandra Opoku as the acting Director of Tema Port.
Sandra Opoku becomes the first female Director of Tema Port and she takes over from Edward Kofi Osei who has reached his retirement age.
This is the first time in the history of Ghana a female has been appointed to head any of the Ports of Ghana.
Until her appointment Sandra Opoku was the General Manager in-charge of Legal Affairs of Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA).
She was employed by the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority in 2003 as a lawyer.
Barely a year later was she admitted into the International Maritime Law Institute in Malta in 2004 where she obtained her Masters in International Maritime Law.
Prior to serving as General Manager of Legal Affairs of GPHA, Sandra Opoku was the General Manager in charge of Administration after having occupied positions such as, Legal Manager and Board Secretary of Ghana's Ports and Harbours Authority.
In her early years, Sandra Opoku attended St Roses Senior High School in Akwatia in the Eastern Region for both her O and A Levels, completing in 1992 and 94 respectively. At St. Roses, she was the Protocol Officer and a Dining Hall Prefect.
She was admitted to the University of Ghana to pursue Bachelor of Laws and subsequently entered the Ghana Law School and was called to the Bar in October 2001.
Right after National Service, at the Civil Division of the Attorney General's Department she started working at the GPHA as a temporal staff from 1st August 2002, and made permanent staff on 1st April 2003 as a legal officer, then later became principal legal officer, a legal manager in 2008, after which she was made board secretary from 2011 to 2014.
She returned to her legal manager job, and was appointed General Manager, Administration in 2017, a job she described as one of the hottest positions and a big learning curve for her.  She became General Manager, Legal on 1st November 2018.
This was followed by her appointment to the position of Acting Director of Tema Port on March 4, 2019.  She is married with three children.


The Board and Management of the Ghana Dock Labour Company, have organised a farewell dinner for the outgone Director of the Port of Tema, Edward Osei who also served as the Board Chairman of the company.
Members of the board together with permanent and non-permanent staff of the Ghana Dock Labour Company, touted the leadership of Edward Osei as one that brought positive results to the company as he empowered employees.
Daniel Owusu Koranteng, the General Secretary of MDU described Edward Osei as someone who has left his footprint in the sand within the short time that he became the Board Chairman of GDLC.
“Nobody needs to convince anybody, you just go to the place and ask yourself what magic has happened now and that is the person we are honouring today,” he said.  
The Board, Management, Permanent and Non-permanent staff of GDLC wished Edward Osei well in his next endeavour in a citation they presented to him.
On his part, the former Director of Tema Port and Board Chairman of GDLC, Edward Osei thanked the board, management and staff for their support in ensuring that he succeeded in carrying out his mandate as the Board chairman of GDLC and Director of Tema Port.
He said he was proud to have contributed towards ensuring that the Tema Port became more efficient and safe to all port users.
“My vision really was to make sure that the port is efficient, safe, the best in Africa and above all the employees who toil there every day will have enough to feed their families and to feel dignified as human beings,” Edward Osei remarked.


The Ghana Export Promotion Authority GEPA in partnership with the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre GIPC has held a day's seminar on quality standards of Ghana's export in order to make them acceptable in the global market.
The seminar which brought together stakeholders from the export trade arena, SMEs trade, stakeholders and experts focused on challenges confronting export trade in Ghana.
A Director of Economic Trade at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Khadija Iddrisu said moving forward as a country there is the need to overcome the situation where vessels dock in our various ports discharges goods and go back empty without loading any goods back.
“Our containers come to the port and then they go back free. Our principals are saying no to that. We want to empower the captains of our industry, the private sector to be able to add value to whatever raw material we have and to export for the good of each and every one of us,” she said.
Ghanaian Businesses were charged to take advantage of the impending Tema Port expansion project and many other facilities being made available by the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority including lower tariffs on export to grow the export sector.
The seminar provided a platform for the exchange of ideas in ensuring a robust export sector for Ghana.

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