The leading Oil Marketing Company in Ghana, GOIL has held a fuel handling training exercise for fuel officers, ISO officers, fuel attendants, plant operators, and staff of logistics and audit departments of the port authority. 
The exercise, according to the Materials Manager of Tema Port, Philippa Amanda Armah, was organised to ensure higher safety standards in the receipt and supply of fuel for port activity.
“Our equipment are very expensive and we want to make sure that the diesel we are putting in these expensive equipment are of good quality and we should in no way as people serving the Authority contribute to its contamination,” she admonished.

Joseph Adongo, Tema Zonal Manager, said it has been GOIL’s agenda to provide an in-depth education to all the corporate entities they supply to about the product they work with and the right methods of handling it.
“If we don’t know the product that we are dealing with, we might end up handling it the wrong way so we would have a little lesson about the product knowledge and we would also learn about how to discharge according to standard practices,” he said. 
He also called for a deeper cooperation from auditors due the distinct nature of the oil marketing business.
The attendants were taken through a thorough presentation of the petroleum products and the whole chain of procurement, refinement and supply. They were also coached through conventional safety practices that are necessary in the business by the Quality Assurance and Distribution Managers of GOIL.
The staff were entreated to exercise a high adherence to fire/safety precautions in their exchanges without compromise to maintain a safe environment to work in.

At the fuel station, GPHA fuel attendants were taught how to accurately undergo their discharge procedure from GOIL tankers. Methods of measuring and analysing deliveries were illustrated by expert technicians.
GOIL also introduced the availability of the fuel laboratory van in the case of any need to analyse the quality of fuel.
The GPHA officials expressed pleasure with the exercise and showed support to keep patronizing GOIL products for the best service.


2/22/2018 4:43:32 Pm
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