Fishing Harbour


To provide effecient Fishing Port facilities and services in a clean, hygienic and safe environment with competent personnel.


To be a modern Fishing Port meeting world quality food standards.


The Fishing Harbour comprises the Inner Fishing Harbour, the Outer Fishing Harbour and the Canoe Basin as detailed below:

Inner Fishing Harbour Facilities:

  • Mooring facility of total quay length of 467metres ( caters for 8 vessels of 54metres length overall)
  • Finger Jetty approximately 60metres long
  • Lay-by jetty of 155 metres
  • Net-mending/Lay by wharf of 100 metres
  • Protective water area of approx. 10.0 hectares
  • Depth ranges between 3.5- 4.0 metres (Chart Datum)
  • Entrance is 63 metres wide

Outer Fishing Harbour Facilities:

  • Total Quay length of 486 metres
  • Capacity to accommodate Tuna vessels and Deep Sea Fish carriers.
  • Depth ranges of 5.0 - 7.0 metres (Chart Datum)
  • Lay-by mooring wharf opposite the main quay
  • Protective water area of approx. 12.5 hectares
  • Entrance is 122 metres wide


The Canoe Basin is a traditional fish landing beach and a toll free area managed by GPHA. At the Canoe Basin, the leaders of the local fishing community; the Chief Fishermen are allowed to control day to day activities in the area. It caters for artisanal fishermen whose operations peak during the months of June to September with herrings as their main catch during this period.

The Fishing Harbour management maintains the facilities and assists in supervising the  activities of cleaning Contractors employed by GPHA to ensure a clean and hygienic environment. 

This is done as part of GPHA’s Corporate Social Responsibility to the local community and also mainly because the canoe fishermen’s trade is characterized by low levels of production and hence low incomes.


Adjacent to the operational area of the Fishing Harbour is a commercial area where lands have been leased for fish related activities. These include: A fish market which sells fresh and frozen fish to the public; Cold storage facilities; Commercial banks; Warehouses which ship stores; Shops which sell fish gears and parts, and a fish processing factory (PFC).