Welcome to Port Of Tema
The Port Of Tema is the largest port in Ghana. Situated on the eastern coast of the country, it stretches over a 5.5 million square metres of land area. The port receives an average of over 1511 vessel calls per year. These comprise container vessels, general cargo vessels, tankers, Ro-Ro and cruise vessels amongst many others.
85% of Ghana’s trade is done through the ports (Tema and Takoradi ) with shipping routes and vessel calls to and from all continents through both direct and transshipment services.
Set within the industrial city of Tema and 30 km from the capital city of Ghana, the port’s environs serve as a logistic point for activities of Inland Clearance Depots (ICDs), Warehouses, Transport and Haulage companies, Freight Forwarders, Factories and related service centres.
Our Port thrives on the multiplicity of businesses that grow the Ghanaian economy and that of regional neighbours. Every success story makes the services we provide worthwhile. Thus, our goal is to provide efficient facilities and services to make Tema the leading trade and logistics Hub in West Africa.