Our Core Services

Vessel Handling

All vessel handling operations are solely the responsibility of the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority, performed by the Marine Operations Department under the supervision of the Harbour Master.

Vessel handling includes the following:


This is service available 24 /7 and is compulsory for all vessels entering and  leaving or shifting berths in the Port. Vessels wishing to enter the Port must await pilots at eight cables NE of starboard breakwater (lee breakwater head) or buoys. Alternatively, they should anchor at Quarantine anchorage.



This service is compulsory within the main harbour and is ordered through the signal station or via an agent. Tugs of up to 1,250hp are available on special application. Four tugs of 1250kw to5050kw with about 40 to 80 tonnes bollard pulls are available for towage service.

Mooring / Unmooring / Berthing

The service for mooring and berthing includes tying of ropes and the supply of necessary boats and crew for the purposes of mooring and the allocation of berths to vessels.

Mooring and berthing charges are payable whether a ship is berthed alongside a quay or at the buoys. There is payment for each movement.


Stevedoring services are provided by GPHA and 4 licensed private stevedoring companies. GPHA stevedore handles 25% with the remaining 75% allocated to private stevedore companies licensed to operate in the Port. Cargo allocations are handled by the Harbour Master. Private Stevedore companies operating in the port are:

  • Deep Sea Maritime Limited
  • Staché Maritime Limited
  • Katharos Limited
  • Barry-Fausn Company Limited

Waste Reception Facilities

Waste reception service is provided by Zeal Environmental Technologies, a private company in the Port.

Fresh Water Supply

The supply of fresh water is provided by GPHA Fire & Safety Department. Fresh water is available by pipe at berths 2, 4, 5 and 6. Rate of supply is 20 tonnes/ hour.  Water barges supply vessels moored at buoys.

Dock Labour Service

The Ghana Dock Labour Company (GDLC) is responsible for the supply of labour to companies operating in the Port.


Storage and Warehousing Services

The Port has sheds with storage covered area of 140,000m2, open storage area of 250,000m2 with container holding capacity of 5000teus. There are also private warehouses in and around the Port to augment its capacity.


Fire and Safety

The Port's Fire and Safety Department has a 24/7 well-organized, well trained, committed and dedicated fire – fighting service personnel with modern fire fighting equipment. Tugs are fitted with fire fighting equipment with fire monitors. The Department is also responsible for the operation of fire hydrants planted at wharfs 2,4, 5, 6  and within 100m radius everywhere in the Port. Other services provided include monitoring of hot works, hazardous cargo and confined space in the Port, as well as ship bunkering standby and pumping duties. The promised response time to incidents within the Port’s fence is 3 minutes. Fire service can be contacted from all boxes on transit sheds and at the main gate. Alternatively, call +233312022191 ext. 4906 VHF radio communication channel 14.



The Port of Takoradi is renowned for its excellent security network. It has well skilled operations staff, drilled and dedicated security personnel to ensure the safety and security of all types of cargo.

The security network has further been improved with the installation of a closed – circuit television network in the Port. With this, cargoes and personnel working in the Port are safe and secured. Our Port Security Department works hand in hand with the National Security, Police, The National Investigations Bureau (NIB) and the Narcotics Control Commission of Ghana.


Ship Repair Facility

The Port has a shipyard that is equipped with a dry-dock and slipway that has been modernized and expanded to accommodate vessels and crafts up to 400 tons. The shipyard can boast of the following:

  • Longstanding dependable experience in the Marine Crafts Maintenance Business since 1928.
  • State-of the-art machinery and equipment that fit the third millennium requirements for Ships’ Refurbishment, Treatment and Maintenance.
  • Highly skilled and experienced workforce, well trained and certified by Lloyds and ABS.
  • Versatile skill-mix to carry out every type of task to be done on any kind of vessel with LOA 45m, beam of 9m and draft of 3.5m.