Jan 16 2023

The Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority led by its Director General, Michael Luguje has held a media soiree for journalists in Tema as well as members of the Port Journalists Network.

The engagement was targeted at cementing the existing relationship between the port Authority and the media who are partners in the maritime industry and solicit some feedback from them.

The General Manager, Marketing and Corporate Affairs at GPHA, Esther Gyebi-Donkor called for an improved relationship in 2023 as the Port Authority continues to improve its service delivery to clients.

She urged the media to contact GPHA on issues that they need clarification on instead of the penchant of some media outlets to publish one-sided stories, which end up creating confusion in the public arena.

“Today we see a huge deficit of trust in some journalists and we must all work in correcting this. I am especially concerned about how they are causing harm to the public and mother Ghana instead of being a vessel of growth. We should always try to have genuine and meaningful dialogues. We see the press as a strategic partner and an important stakeholder in helping to communicate and sensitize the public about the Authority’s policy decisions,” Mrs. Gyebi-Donkor encouraged.

The General Manager for Corporate Planning, Samuel Ntow Kumi provided some insights to some of the services offered by the Port Authority. Mr. Ntow Kumi explained that the Port Authority is managing and developing the port with the help of the private sector and debts incurred during this process are recovered through the port tariffs. “When inflation is rising and when operational cost is rising and when interest rates are rising, it becomes incumbent on GPHA to revise the tariff accordingly, to continue to manage the port efficiently and ensure the viability of the various port projects,” he said.

The Director of Port of Tema, Sandra Opoku said she is optimistic that with the stability of the Ghana cedi, trade volumes through the port would increase in 2023.

The Director General of GPHA, Michael Luguje indicated that a lot of progress have been made about the Keta Port project, explaining that a feasibility study, stakeholder engagements, and an environmental assessment have been done.

He also said an advert for the expression of interest had also been published, and a few proposals had been received, which were being reviewed to select the best.

He said the Ports of Ghana are well positioned to facilitate trade under the African continental free trade area.