7 Trains Transshipped from Port of Tema to DR Congo
7 Trains Transshipped from Port of Tema to DR Congo

Dec 15 2023

The Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority has demonstrated over the years, its human and technical capabilities in handling a wide range of cargo types for import, export, transit, and transshipment.

Last week, the Port of Tema successfully turned around seven (7) train wagons received from Japan for some minor maintenance work and onward transshipment to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Deputy Logistics Manager at the Port of Tema, Ing. Prince Ayisi, indicated that the Port of Tema was selected because it was befitting of the operation. He said the port is ever-ready to handle such unconventional cargo types.

“If I should just try to recall, in 2020 we handled a helicopter that was disassembled and exported to Australia. This year, we did the same thing again. We did two helicopters. And this time we are doing coaches as transshipment. It is trying to tell us that with the expertise that we have, we are prepared for any challenge that the client would like to put on us and also try to support their operations in the industry of shipping,” Ing. Ayisi told Eye on Port.

Country Manager for OMA Logistics Ghana, Samir Sheth, whose company served as the logistics agent for the shipment, said the decision to transship through the Port of Tema has paid off.

He said he was pleased with how invested every person in the working chain was in the successful transshipment.