Quarterly Health Walk: GPHA Cautions against Drug & Alcohol Abuse
Quarterly Health Walk: GPHA Cautions against Drug & Alcohol Abuse

Feb 21 2024

The Ghana Ports Harbours Authority continues to demonstrate its commitment to the health and physical fitness of staff.

This year, the Authority has resumed its quarterly health walks with a special call on the Port Community to shun the use of illicit drugs and alcohol abuse in their daily activities. The regular 3km walk and aerobic session were complimented by a health talk by the medical officers of GPHA’s health services department.

Dr. Emmanuel Mintah-Benyin said, “I spoke about the lifestyle diseases, mainly hypertension, diabetes, and high cholesterol, and we realize that this is causing a lot of complications for our clients and patients, and that is why we encourage them to keep physically fit to prevent some of these complications on our body.”

“To summarize, I think we give a good message to the workers of the port about exposing themselves to substances, sometimes known and unknown, in drinks, baked foods from the market, and teas that they are preparing. We warned them of the dangers and of the no-tolerance of drug abuse policy that the Port HR has taken up now. We give them really strong warnings that if they are found out, the consequences may be dire,” Dr. Joel Bondorin added.

The Director of Port, Sandra Opoku, who joined the health walk for the first time, commended the initiative and threw a challenge to staff to remain consistent in their fitness routine.